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I.Niokolo-KobaNational Park and the Saloum Delta (6 days)


An exciting tour to the prime wildlife sites of eastern Senegal, rich in woodland and riverine habitats, returning to Dakar via the Saloum Delta, with trips through the mangrove creeks to offshore islands.


Day 1: Depart from Dakar for Wassadou; overnight at the Hotel Wassadou.


Day 2: After breakfast we will go birding around the Wassadou area, which will include a boat trip either in the morning or the afternoon; overnightat the Hotel Wassadou.

Day 3: After breakfast,we will have an excursion intoNiokolo-KobaNational Park and Simenti for the whole day; overnight at the Hotel Wassadou.

Day 4 After breakfast, we will depart from Wassadoufor Kaolack,where we will have an excursion on the Island of Kausmar and a night stop at theRelais De Kaolack.

Day 5: After breakfast, we will depart from Kaolackfor Toubacouta in the Saloum Delta.We will have an excursion in the afternoon by boat through the mangrove creeks and to bird roosts.Overnight at the Hotel Africa Strike.

Day 6: Birding around Sangako forest in the morning.After lunch at African Strike we will depart for Dakar, arriving in the evening at your hotel.


II.Birding tour to northern Senegal (4 days)


A visit to the world-famous wetlands of the Senegal Delta with its vast concentrations of waterbirds, flanked by semi-arid savanna and scrub with a rich Sahelian fauna.


Day 1: We will depart Dakar in the morning for Djoudj National Park, with several stops on the way. Overnight atthe Hôtel du Djoudj.


Day 2: After breakfast at the Hôtel du Djoudj, we will visit the mainly semi-arid areas of the park in search of Arabian Bustard, Black Crowned-crane andAfrican Stonechat to name just a few species. In the afternoon, we will focus on the wetland areas including a boat trip to Pelican Island, and take in the impressive sights and sounds of Djoudj’s famous waterbird concentrations.


Day 3: After breakfast at the Hôtel du Djoudj, we will drive to Richard Toll to look for desert or semi-arid species such as Quail-plover,coursers and Cricket Warbler, as well as riverine species such as Egyptian Plover. In the afternoon we will drive to Saint-Louis for our night stop.


Day 4: After breakfast we will drive south and pass through Touba.We will have several stops on the way to look forvultures and other arid zone species before reaching Dakar in the evening and delivery to your hotel.



III.Dakar and around(1-2 days)


A visit to the highlights of Dakar, including the historical Ile de Gorée and the city centre, with a chance for shopping in one of Senegal’s famous markets


Day 1:  We will spend a full day taking in the sights and sounds of Dakar, one of West Africa’s most colourful cities. The itinerary will depend to some extent on the interest of the group, but we would expect to include the following:


  1. Ile de Gorée: an island steeped in history, where no cars are allowed
  2. Kermel Market
  3. The Plateau, comprising the City centre, Independence Square and the Palace of the Republic, as well as the famous craft village and fish market atSoumbedioune
  4. Monument of the African Renaissance, an imposing of 52m bronze and copper statue atop a hill offering wide views across Dakar and the Cap Vert.


Day 2:Optional extension to visit important nature areas close to Dakar, including Lac Retba, the famous Pink Lake, a treasure nestled in the dunes 40km northeast of Dakar. We will also stop at the rich wetlands of Technopole. There is also an option to visit the Iles de la Madelaine, home of the Red-billed Tropicbird.

Cost:80 per day


The costs for excursions I and II include all transport, accommodation, boat trips, food and water … everything except your choice of drinks. The cost for excursion III includes all transport, boat trip, food and water; it does not cover accommodation in Dakar.


All excursions are organized by Turaco Birding Expeditions ( on behalf of the PAOC.


Please check later for more information related to the prices in the coming week



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